Inspire. Ignite. Transform.

We focus on these three core elements.


Inspire - donors, volunteers, staff, and partners by using inspirational, uplifting messaging. 

Ignite - help create or refine processes to maximize impact and increase revenue. 

Transform - stimulate innovation and anticipate change in order to guide your continual progress and be assured that your important work continues into the future.

Real world consulting, with real results. 

Our mission is simple. Help you change the world, faster. 


PhoenixFire SC offers phenomenal versatility and customization to consulting. We make consulting accessible and tremendously valuable to small and mid sized organizations anywhere in the country.


Whether you're looking to increase funding, manage your budget, host a training retreat, create inspiring new content, or need extended strategic planning support, we work with you every step of the way. 


Our focus is on your sustainable future. This applies to your team, your technology, your processes, your brand, and your finances. PhoenixFire SC works hard to ensure that you're set up for success not only for tomorrow, but for what happens beyond. 

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