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Our mission is simple. Help you change the world, faster.


PhoenixFire offers phenomenal versatility and customization to consulting. We make consulting accessible and tremendously valuable to organizations anywhere in the country.

Whether you're looking to increase funding, manage your budget, create inspiring new content, or need extended strategic planning support, we work with you every step of the way.

Our focus is on your sustainable future. This applies to your team, your technology, your processes, your brand, and your finances. PhoenixFire works hard to ensure that you're set up for success not only for tomorrow, but for what happens beyond.


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You've got a vision and a cause worth fighting for. Now how do you transform it into reality? Just as importantly, how do you do that without burning yourself out?

PhoenixFire will help you build your strategic plan and assist you in executing it. From organizational structure, budgeting, or development plans, strategic planning is critical for the long term success of any organization.


We'll also help you measure your success. There is a real difference between a good plan and a well executed strategy - and the proof will always be measurable.

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You've got the vision. You've got the strategy, You've got the inspiring messaging. You've got the money you need. There's only one problem left... competition. Resources are not infinite. You're competing for the same staff, volunteers, marketing, funding, time and energy as everyone else.


To succeed you must be different. PhoenixFire can help drive innovation so you remain competitive. We'll not only help you manage change in the future, we'll help you create it.

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It all starts with inspiring content. You have a vision that is worth working for, volunteering with, and donating to. Content is how you convey that vision. We'll help you identify the key messages that will most resonate with people, and the voice to deliver it.

Everything from social media, newsletters, or training material will serve to inspire people to take action. Inspiring content is how you'll attract great people to your organization. It's also how you'll retain them.

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Successful organizations need great people, solid processes, and funding to ignite their potential. Phoenix Fire will help you differentiate and maximize your revenue streams so that you're less dependent on any one source. This can include grants, major giving, social campaigns, B2C or B2B sales, or any number of funding channels.


Having more money isn't the end goal, but it absolutely will make your work easier.

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You simply don't have time to become an expert in everything, all of the time. That's ok. We do it for you.


We're experienced in strategic planning, marketing, data analysis, financial management, fundraising, operational efficiencies, regulatory and compliance issues, donor and grant prospecting, social media, and industry best practices. 

And if we don't know how to do it, we know who does. 



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"I would describe Lee as a servant leader who leads by example and is willing to do every task needed to get the job done. One of the most impressive skills I've seen Lee demonstrate is his capacity to help team members understand how important they are, and that only when all of us do our part we can achieve our goals. He provides meaningful communication to keep everyone accountable in a masterful and positive way that keeps people engaged and motivated. I give Lee my highest recommendation!"

 Moises Echeverria

President and CEO at Foundation for Tulsa Schools


Meet The Team

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Lee Domaszowec

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Strategist. Innovator. Disruptor. Cause driven and passionate, Lee founded PhoenixFire with a simple vision: Help people change the world for the better - faster.

Known for his diverse experience and belief in respectful candor, Lee brings a unique perspective to consulting. Having worked in brick & mortar operations as well as on a national level in development, he understands the balance between growing revenue and financial controls. He believes in innovative solutions and values data driven decision making in the pursuit of producing measurable results. 

The name PhoenixFire is a tribute to one of his two children.

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Lily Greenway

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After receiving her BA in Finance at the University of New Hampshire, Lily obtained a Master of Public Administration - MPA, Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management. Lily brings with her a true passion and commitment for non-profit causes. She has served as a Fellow, Data & Operations Assistant, Program Manager, and Data Management Consultant from Boston to New York, Berlin, Germany to Samos, Greece. 

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Nicole Vergos

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Nicole specializes in Quantitative research and has worked across a range of industries, including FMCG, Beauty, Automotive, Telecommunications and Sports. Over the years, Nicole has gained valuable experience executing segmentation, custom U&A, shopper behavior, brand health and conjoint studies.

In 2019, Nicole won the top prize of 'Most Impactful Presentation' at SAMRA (South African Market Research Association) for her research paper among people with disabilities and what steps companies can take to be more accessible. She continues to do work in this space and aims to raise awareness and shift mindsets on disability.