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Inspire. Ignite. Transform.

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about us

Our mission is simple. Help you change the world, faster.


At PhoenixFire Strategic Consulting, we don't just consult – we partner with purpose.


We're a global, decentralized team dedicated to turning bold visions into reality, spanning across continents and cultures to ignite transformative impact.

Our ethos is rooted in a deep-seated passion for driving positive change. We believe that every organization we work with has the potential to make a significant difference – and it's our job to unlock that potential.


With a diverse team that brings real-world, operational experience from various sectors, we offer not just advice but practical, hands-on solutions


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You simply don't have time to become an expert in everything, all of the time. That's ok. We do it for you.


We're experienced in strategic planning, marketing, data analysis, financial management, fundraising, operational efficiencies, regulatory and compliance issues, donor and grant prospecting, social media, and industry best practices. 

And if we don't know how to do it, we know who does. 

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PhoenixFire will help you build your strategic plan and assist you in executing it. From organizational structure, budgeting, or development plans, strategic planning is critical for the long term success of any organization.


Just as importantly, how do you do it without burning out?

We'll also help you measure your success. There is a real difference between a good plan and a well executed strategy - and the proof will always be measurable.

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It all starts with inspiring content. You have a vision that is worth working for, volunteering with, and donating to. Content is how you convey that vision. We'll help you identify the key messages that will most resonate with people, and the voice to deliver it.

Everything from social media, newsletters, or training material will serve to inspire people to take action. Inspiring content is how you'll attract great people to your organization. It's also how you'll retain them.

Business Meeting

Successful organizations need great people, solid processes, and funding to ignite their potential. Phoenix Fire will help you differentiate and maximize your revenue streams so that you're less dependent on any one source. This can include grants, major giving, social campaigns, B2C or B2B sales, or any number of funding channels.


Having more money isn't the end goal, but it absolutely will make your work easier.

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You've got the vision. You've got the strategy, You've got the inspiring messaging. You've got the money you need. There's only one problem left... resources are not infinite.


You're competing for the same staff, volunteers, marketing, funding, time and energy as everyone else.


To succeed you must be different. PhoenixFire can help drive innovation so you remain competitive.


We don't help you manage change in the future. We'll help you create it.



Moises Echevarria headshot.jpeg

"I would describe Lee as a servant leader who leads by example and is willing to do every task needed to get the job done. One of the most impressive skills I've seen Lee demonstrate is his capacity to help team members understand how important they are, and that only when all of us do our part we can achieve our goals. He provides meaningful communication to keep everyone accountable in a masterful and positive way that keeps people engaged and motivated. I give Lee my highest recommendation!"

 Moises Echeverria

President and CEO at Foundation for Tulsa Schools

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Our Team
  • Why work with a consultant?
    There are a lot of benefits to working with a consultant, including Value and Cost Efficiency. You can access all of our experience and ability to produce results without many of the costs associated with hiring employees (taxes, insurance, benefits, etc.) or the extended time required to train them. By working with our talented team, you don't pay for the high overhead of old-school, bloated, brick and mortar firms. You're paying for results, not our rent.
  • Is it worth our time and money?
    Without exception, yes. Every single one of our clients generated more than they spent on our services. That's why 93% of our clients have either extended our services or returned as repeat clients, and 100% of our business has been referral. Everyone on our team made the decision to pursue purpose driven work. We're trying to help you change the world, faster. We don't want you to spend more time and money on anything other than driving your mission forward and maximizing your impact. You'll see that in the results.
  • Why are you a better fit than a larger firm?
    We're true partners with our clients. That's why we invest time getting to know you and truly understanding your strengths and opportunities. PhoenixFire is unique in a number of ways. We see things as they could be and are successful at challenging the status quo to help you achieve that vision. We're able to interpret the stories that data tells us and turn that into wisdom. We're also committed to honestly and respectfully having crucial conversations. Our team offers a diverse skillset and real-world, operational experience that is not typical in a consulting firm of any size. We don't do just one thing, because you don't do just one thing. Collectively, we've done everything from run large retail stores, presented at conferences, built volunteer networks, taught in classrooms, managed multi-million dollar budgets, sold high-end electronics, and volunteered countless hours in all sorts of roles. That means we can help you in every aspect of your operations. From conceiving growth strategies to actually using tools like Quickbooks or Salesforce, or picking up the phone and speaking to a donor ourselves, our experience isn't conceptual - we actually do the work.
  • Do you guarantee results?
    We aren't interested in making small improvements. We want to help you change the world. Faster. That's why no client has ever paid more for our services than we raised or saved through expense management and improved efficiency. None. We're big on results. If it isn't measured, it doesn't count. We measure everything and document our progress. We can always prove what our impact is. That being said, it's important to understand that we can only control what we're allowed to control. You retain authority and decide to what extent we can positively impact your organization. Above anything else, you'll see the best results when we all demonstrate a growth mindset. Our commitment to you is to provide our very best support, and not just what you want to hear. That's not valuable to you and it won't further your mission. We believe in respectful candor. The organizations that make the greatest strides are those who embrace change in a genuine effort to drive their Mission. If you're open to suggestions and trust that our services are aligned with your mission, we'll accomplish your vision in a way that will exceed your expectations. That, we will guarantee.
  • What are some of your accomplishments?
    Since day one, 100% of our work has been referral or repeat business from satisfied clients. That's quite a compliment. We're also extremely proud to have provided $82,800.03 in pro-bono or discounted services in 2022 alone. Here are some other examples of things we've accomplished: Grew one non-profit's revenue almost 5X, from less than $480k to over $2.25M, in just 14 months. Helped grow a TikTok audience from zero to more than 100,000 in less than 12 months. Advised a $60M multinational non-profit on Board governance, marketing, and development. Completely rebuilt the accounting system and brokered the sale of a 3.5M local business. Helped design a grant program that now provides roughly 1M a yr in funding across the US. Modernized tech for an organization from all Google sheets to CRM, QuickBooks, MailChimp, etc. Researched, wrote, and awarded millions of dollars in grants per year. Redefined the Mission, Vision, and culture of a large non-profit experiencing significant growing pain. Wrote a single email that generated, in just 24 hours, more than $57,000 in charitable gifts to keep Ukrainians warm while they defend their country. Most importantly, we've helped save lives. Through our work, countless animals and people are alive today. That's what we're most proud of.
  • What services do you provide?
    We understand your organization is complex. That's why we can operate at higher, strategic levels or get into the weeds. We've yet to encounter a situation where we didn't add value. If you do it, we do it. While we do have experience in all of these areas and can provide you guidance, PhoenixFire does not have in-house legal counsel, accountants, auditors, licensed financial advisors, or medical/veterinary professionals. If we don't know how to answer a question or deliver a service, we know who does. We are always able to help you find the right service provider in any of those areas.
  • What types of organizations do you work with?
    PhoenixFire specializes in working with non-profits, as well as certain cause-focused businesses. We are not restricted by sector, size, or geography. As a decentralized team, we operate on 3 continents and we've worked with organizations across 10 time zones. We've assisted organizations and businesses ranging in size from $400K to $60 Million USD. Our team has dedicated our lives to changing the world for the better. We're committed to providing an environment of mutual respect and equal opportunity. As such, we do refuse to work with organizations that further hate, bigotry, discrimination, oppression, prejudice, injustice, intolerance, or violence.
  • What are your priorities for 2023?
    Our primary focuses for 2023 include: Mental Health Supporting Ukraine Animal Welfare Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, focusing on empowerment Social Justice Providing access to affordable services (housing, legal, health, mental health, veterinary, educational, etc.) Certain cause-focused businesses We take great pride and joy supporting smaller to mid-sized organizations actively seeking to ignite their potential and transform.
  • What are your company values?
    Above anything else, we want to change the world for the better. Integrity We maintain a reputation for respect and integrity in everything we do. Passion We’re as driven by passion as you are, and we work tirelessly to help change the world. Innovation We pride ourselves on creating solutions that challenge the status quo and set new standards. Value We deliver measurable results that are always well worth the time and money invested in us. Impact We’re dedicated to providing solutions that are feasible, sustainable, and produce measurable results. We're a people-driven organization. We value relationships more than any project or amount of money, and are vocal advocates for inclusion, equity, and acceptance. If the cause is just, we're an ally.

Meet The Team

Lee Public Speaking.JPG

Strategist. Problem Solver. Servant Leader. Lee serves as Chief Strategist for PhoenixFire.


Cause driven and passionate. Lee brings 2 decades of incredibly diverse experience and a unique perspective to consulting. Having worked in brick & mortar operations, on a national level in development, both the grant writing and funding sides, and having served as a nonprofit Treasurer himself, he understands the balance between growing revenue and financial controls.

Lee is well known for his  belief in respectful candor. He delivers helpful constructive feedback and pushes executives and Board Directors out of their comfort zones in order to realize their full potential.

Lauren LinkedIn Headshot 1635723887751.jpg

Lauren is an intensely fierce advocate for equity and justice. After obtaining her Bachelors from the esteemed College of Letters at Wesleyan University, Lauren joined Teach for America and spent 3 years teaching in the Navajo Nation. Since, she’s taught in Newark, Brooklyn, and Cranston, RI.

Teaching isn’t what Lauren does; it’s her calling. During her 15 years in pursuit of excellence and a MA in Education, she's been involved in high-level curriculum development, coaching, and leadership. 

Her uncommon mastery of literature and grammar make her an outstanding editor. As a valuable contributor to our team, she's helped secure millions of dollars for our clients. She assists with public presentations, communication workshops, and positive organizational culture.

Nicole pic.png

Nicole specializes in Quantitative research and has worked across a range of industries, including FMCG, Beauty, Automotive, Telecommunications and Sports. Over the years, Nicole has gained valuable experience executing segmentation, custom U&A, shopper behavior, brand health and conjoint studies.

In 2019, Nicole won the top prize of 'Most Impactful Presentation' at SAMRA (South African Market Research Association) for her research paper among people with disabilities and what steps companies can take to be more accessible. She continues to do work in this space and aims to raise awareness and shift mindsets on disability. 

Nicole provides quantitative support for PhoenixFire services, research, prospecting, and leads our DEI initiatives. 

Marta Headshot.jpg

Marta Skurska

Marta lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, and leads our European project management initiatives. She has a BS in Political Science but instead of going into politics, decided to relate her career to NGOs. 

Marta speaks 4 languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French) and was most recently the Deputy Monitoring Officer for the International NGO Safety Organization (INSO) in Kyiv. She is also the Program Coordinator for Ukraine - Canada Fund for Local Initiatives at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv. She spent time as a research intern at the Parliament of Canada.

In addition to her diplomatic and logistics work at PhoenixFire, Marta is also experienced in grant and major donor prospecting and using digital marketing platforms like MailChimp. 

Ben candid.png

Ben Campos

Ben is an animal welfare professional who specializes in sheltering operations. Prior to joining PhoenixFire, Ben worked with PAWS of Coronado, Orphan Kitten Club, and San Diego Humane Society.

In his current role, Ben is our resident expert in the animal welfare field.  He has extensive day to day operational experience as well as implementing innovative foster programs, volunteer onboarding and training,, neonatal kitten care, and care for chronically or terminally ill pets. 


Ben was led into animal welfare not only by a love for animals but for the people that care for them as well. He believes that our lives are enriched by pets and the wild animals and spaces of our world. Ben is also passionate about issues like food and housing insecurity that can lead people to be separated from their pets.  

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